2011 Report Card – Channel 9

2011 Report Card - Ch9

If Channel 9 could have tried any harder in 2011 I'm not sure how. It threw everything it had at the opposition and while some of it worked, a fair chunk of it didn't. It's not like they didn't go down swinging though. It's just that lots of their programming either didn't work at all or didn't fit the timeslot it was given or [insert your valid reason here]. GO! had a better year, and showed it was a great place for recent release/re-run movies and it's a great way to pass some time. GEM still hasn't hit the mark and delivered on the female-skewed promise it was released at, though it found some success hosting replays of shows/episodes that were successful earlier in the week. Then there was Choppergate. Consequently, the Ch9 schedule looks pretty battered & bruised... HITS The Block - After somewhat lacklustre ratings in its … [Read more...]

“That’s life on a Reality Show” – reflections on #TheBlock from a #TopDesign contestant

Chris Dwyer - Top Design

What a week for reality television. The Block finished to some of the biggest ratings of the year, helping Channel 9 secure a massive 42% share of the primary viewing audience for the night (unprecedented for them in 2011... and all of 2010). But this bonanza was not without controversy. Only one house sold at the finale auction, leaving the other three contestants wondering what their effort was all for in the end. It didn't help that 24 hours after the auction the house of "the Mums" Katrina and Aime sold for the reserve price, leaving them with no profit and therefore no cash prize that they were clearly expecting. In the midst of this, Ch9's other big reality program Top Design has suffered the indignity everyone was expecting - a schedule change that has bumped it to 10:30pm on the primary channel, however it is getting an 8:30pm … [Read more...]

Congrats Polly & Waz – Winners of #TheBlock 2011

The Block 2011 finale

Congratulations to Waz & Polly for winning The Block 2011. In what was a confusing and almost bewildering end to the series, the lucky couple were the only contestants to sell their house at auction - leaving Rod & Tania, Josh & Jenna and Katrina & Aime still to secure a buyer for their hosues with all three properties passed in below the producer-set reserve price. It was a night of extremes, with Josh proposing to Jenna just before their auction (the first for the night) kicked off - she said yes, gleefully sliding the Tiffany's ring as they settled into their unsuccessful auction. At least Rod & Tania walked away with the viewer's prize of a new Toyota Corolla for their efforts. The outcomes were pretty bleak across the board: Josh & Jenna Reserve - $950,000 Highest bid - $901,000 PASSED IN Waz … [Read more...]

Wanna be on #TheBlock?!

Auditions For The Block 2012

Think you've got what it takes to match it with other couples hell bent on renovation? WHAT?! Are you CRAZY?! THEY WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!!! Casting for the 2012 series of The Block has commenced, and you could get your mug on TV while you live in a "renovator's delight" and possibly even win. Well, you might. From the press release: Think you have what it takes to out-design, out-renovate, out-decorate and become the winner of The Block? Are you the next Jenna and Josh or John and Neisha? Casting for the next season of Australia’s favourite renovation-reality series has commenced. If you have a passion for renovation and think you know what property buyers want, grab your partner and apply to be part of Australian television’s highest rating series ever. Over the first three monster seasons, 12 properties were sold on The Block and … [Read more...]

Social Media and @TheBlock9

Social Media And The Block

If you're going to run a reality show these days, offering up a website, Facebook fan page and even twitter account are mandatory to connect with the viewing audience. If you're not doing it, you're missing a vital link directly with the people who are tuning in. A good social media strategy is an important part of succeeding in the ratings. Channel 9's latest version of The Block is no different. They're engaging, connecting and communicating with their audience pretty well, and appropriately sizzling what's coming up as well as listening to what people think of the show. What also helps is at least one of the hosts, Shelley Craft, is also using Twitter and this has potential to connect even further with fans. What's usually a no-no however is the contestants/participants of the show "outing" themselves on social media channels, if … [Read more...]