2011 Report Card – Channel 9

2011 Report Card - Ch9

If Channel 9 could have tried any harder in 2011 I’m not sure how. It threw everything it had at the opposition and while some of it worked, a fair chunk of it didn’t. It’s not like they didn’t go down swinging though. It’s just that lots of their programming either didn’t work at all [...]

“That’s life on a Reality Show” – reflections on #TheBlock from a #TopDesign contestant

Chris Dwyer - Top Design

What a week for reality television. The Block finished to some of the biggest ratings of the year, helping Channel 9 secure a massive 42% share of the primary viewing audience for the night (unprecedented for them in 2011… and all of 2010). But this bonanza was not without controversy. Only one house sold at [...]

Congrats Polly & Waz – Winners of #TheBlock 2011

The Block 2011 finale

Congratulations to Waz & Polly for winning The Block 2011. In what was a confusing and almost bewildering end to the series, the lucky couple were the only contestants to sell their house at auction – leaving Rod & Tania, Josh & Jenna and Katrina & Aime still to secure a buyer for their hosues [...]

Wanna be on #TheBlock?!

Auditions For The Block 2012

Think you’ve got what it takes to match it with other couples hell bent on renovation? WHAT?! Are you CRAZY?! THEY WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!!! Casting for the 2012 series of The Block has commenced, and you could get your mug on TV while you live in a “renovator’s delight” and possibly even win. Well, [...]

Social Media and @TheBlock9

Social Media And The Block

If you’re going to run a reality show these days, offering up a website, Facebook fan page and even twitter account are mandatory to connect with the viewing audience. If you’re not doing it, you’re missing a vital link directly with the people who are tuning in. A good social media strategy is an important [...]