TV Guide for week ending 03/12/11

Matt Passmore in The Glades

Now that we’ve hit the first week of non-ratings leading into Christmas, I’d love to say the dross is fading… but I’d be lying. Here it comes thick and fast. We are being treated to some great re-runs over summer that are worth watching again: Offspring is being repeated from S01E01 starting this week every [...]

TV Guide for week ending 26/11/11

The Hour

…and so, we come to the final week of ratings (Week 48). Channel 7 have already won almost everything, and this week we see lots of shows wrap for the year – some forever. It’s a massive farewell to Spicks and Specks on Wednesday night, and also to Wild Boys on Sunday night. Lots of [...]

TV Guide for week ending 19/11/11

Breaking Bad Season 4 - Skylar & Walter

Now that the second last week of ratings is upon us (Week 47), we can start to ponder the year that’s been. What’s been a winner and what’s tanked for the networks. It’s a decent review and I’ll be publishing a report card for each network through this week to account for their wins, losses [...]

TV Guide for week ending 12/11/11

Underbelly Razor: Jim & Tilly Devine and their girls

Now that it’s Week 46, we’ve only 3 weeks of television ratings to go, so we’re starting to see things wind up – especially on the ABC. Underbelly Razor finishes tonight after an up and down season, and Tuesday night sees a cracking finale episode of The Joy Of Sets. The upside of shows ending [...]

TV Guide for week ending 29/10/11

Paul Fenech - Housos

Welcome to Week 44 – only 4 weeks of the television year to go. Lots of interesting starts, lots of interesting risks, and lots of vanishing shows… most notably Charlie’s Angels all gone in Australia now that it’s been cancelled in the US, but shows like Unforgettable and Person Of Interest making a go of [...]

Watch out for the Housos…

Housos - Kevvy, Franky, Dazza

From the opening scene featuring Angry Anderson as a biker, Ian “Turps” Turpie as an elderly pokie-playing grandfather and a full screen shot of a barmaid’s cleavage – you know exactly what you’re going to get with the new show from Paul Fenech: politically incorrect comedy and lots of it. Enter Housos (of the housing [...]

The #Housos are coming…

Housos Cast

Paul Fenech has been making comedy on SBS for over 10 years. Pizza, Swift and Shift, and now Housos – the show that 6 months ago A Current Affair thought was a government-funded reality TV show! It’s as ribald and offensive as you think it will be and then about ten steps more, and that’s [...]

With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #3

C91.3 FM Logo

My 3rd segment Talking TV with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM - and sadly my last as this was Jabba’s last show. D’oh (I seem to attract segments on shows that are finishing up)! A shame because it was lots of fun to talk to these guys. Lots to talk about, though, even outside the ratings period [...]

With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #2

C91.3 FM Logo

My 2nd on-air with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM, now with added intro (thanks boys!). We spoke about the passing of Leslie Neilsen – star of Police Squad, Flying High, Naked Gun &, Spy Hard to name but a few - and also the passing of Irwin Kirchner – director of two of the biggest movies in the [...]

With Jabba and Shano on C91.3 FM #1

C91.3 FM Logo

My 1st segment Talking TV with Jabba & Shano on C91.3FM - and so much fun! Given it was the end of the ratings season for 2010, we got talking about shows wrapping up. We talked about the joy that was the Beauty & the Geek Australia finale, including the ‘commitment to friendship’ ceremonies (which Thomas seemed [...]