Congrats Lachlan & Sarah – winner of 2011 Beauty & the Geek (#BATG)

Sarah & Lachlan - winners of 2011 Beauty & the Geek Australia

Congratulations to Lachlan and Sarah, winners of 2011 Beauty & the Geek Australia. The pair took home $100,000 between them, beating Julian and Jordan, though Lachlan did form a relationship with Jordan while on the program so quite possibly he's the 'real winner'. The beauties & geeks battled it off through school-based challenges, a dance battle, a kissing booth challenge, and finally a Q&A challenge on each beauty on her geek & vice versa. This third series continued the high-brow/low-brow mix with ease, and Bernard Curry is now far more comnfortable as host of this insane menagerie. It contained more of the same crazy challenges, … [Read more...]