Congratulations Johnny Ruffo – winner of Dancing With The Stars 2012 (#DWTS)

Johnny Ruffo - 2012 winner of Dancing With The Stars

Congratulations to Johnny Ruffo on being crowned the Dancing With The Stars winner for 2012. Ruffo defeated Danielle Spencer in the finale, seeing away Zoe Cramond earlier in the evening. Ruffo takes home the glitter ball trophy and a significant donation for his charity Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets. The X Factor finalist went out with a perfect score of 30 in his final dance, and said he was amazed to have won the competition. “I said I’d be stoked if we made it to week five,” he said. The show was highlighted with performances from Olivia Newton-John (singing "Xanadu") and Shannon Noll (singing "It’s A Man’s World"), along … [Read more...]

Dancing With The Stars 2012 starts 15 April (#DWTS)

Dancing With The Stars 2012 Ladies

Too much sparkle, nowhere near enough substance, and yet here we are again - the new season of Dancing With The Stars is almost upon us. The confusing thing is I understood Channel 7 had already released the air date of the first program, and yet now we have a release telling us that it starts in two weeks. I can't keep up anymore. From the press release: Channel Seven today confirmed the first episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS will go to air on April 15 LIVE from 6.30pm. The celebrity dancers, who this year include a solo yachtswoman, 80s rock legend and international DJ, are all busy training in the dance studio as they prepare for … [Read more...]

Dancing With The Stars 2012 Cast (#DWTS)

Dancing With The Stars cast 2012

"Stars". Here they are, people. Make your own decision on just how much of a star some of them are - if they weren't known too well before they certainly will be now. They're all on a hiding to nothing when it comes to competing against KAK - independent of Danielle Spencer being an early favourite. THIS IS KAK, NOW A CH7 STAR ON CH7's FLAGSHIP SHOW FOR STARS! From the press release: Channel Seven today announced the cast for the 2012 season of DANCING WITH THE STARS. This series promises more glitter, more glamour and as always a touch of unpredictability with a cast including a solo yachtswoman, a rock legend, international DJ, AFL … [Read more...]