With the much promoted fight all but fizzling My Kitchen Rules (1st – 2,180,000) again delivered a strong win to Ch7, helping it to the victory for the night – naturally Revenge (2nd – 1,360,000) benefited also. Nine News (3rd – 1,302,000) takes the national win off the back of the East Coast win alone while The Block All Stars (6th – 1,194,000) maintains its run of 7pm wins from last week. The interview with Ellen DeGeneres helps A Current Affair (5th – 1,210,000) gives it the 6:30pm win also.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Ch9
6:30pm: A Current Affair – Ch9
7:00pm: The Block All Stars – Ch9
7:30pm: My Kitchen Rules – Ch7
8:30pm: Revenge – Ch7
9:30pm: Q&A – ABC1

Channel 7 won the night (27.6%), followed by Channel 9 (23.4%), ABC1 (15%) & Channel 10 (9.1%).