My Kitchen Rules (1st – 1,603,000) conquers The Block: Fans v Faves (2nd – 1,485,000) again but both fare very well. Love Child (5th – 1,227,000) rounds out its season with a timeslot win while Secrets and Lies (27th – 409,000) finishes with a slight up in its figures but not even close. Charlie Pickering’s final The Project (13th – 774,000) gets good figures and the first of a two ep profile on Kerry Packer nets a good audience for Australian Story (11th – 863,000).

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: Nine News 6:30 – Ch9
7:00pm: A Current Affair – Ch9
7:30pm: My Kitchen Rules – Ch7
8:30pm: Love Child – Ch9
9:30pm: Q&A – ABC1

Seven Network won the night (32%), followed by Nine Network (31.7%), ABC Network (17.2%) & Ten Network (14.9%).